Saturday, December 28, 2013

Back At The Cabin

We are back in the mountains at the cabin for the rest of our holiday break.

Lupe's New Outfit
Lupe wanted to wear her new outfit that is just her style, being a southwestern girl. She will have to trade those sandals for boots because it is starting to snow again!

Greta and Hannah
This is Greta's and Hannah's first time coming here and they are looking forward to exploring the mountains. We watched "The Sound of Music" a few nights ago and they are very inspired by that. I think there will be singing tomorrow!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Meet Molly

There is another little girl that lives in our home that I haven't introduced. Molly is six years old and is Lily Mae's best friend. She is living with us now and Lily is thrilled. The two girls are inseparable!

Meet Molly

DSC 0381

And here is our favorite ornament on the tree this year:

2013 Hallmark Ornament

More of the girls later!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Dream Part 4 - Home For Christmas

DSC 0325
Maggie Rose was practicing the piano, just like she did every day, but today she had trouble concentrating. This was the biggest day of her life. Today, on Christmas Eve, her twin sister would arrive and they would be reunited after many, many years.

DSC 0326
Maggie always found that playing the piano was a calming activity. Her well practiced fingers could run over the keys while her mind soared to other places. These places could be memories from the past, or perhaps they were scenes she imagined had happened. Either way, they made today all the more special, for she knew she had once lived with her twin, but they had been separated while in the foster system.

DSC 0327
Maggie decided that was enough thinking about the past. She was excited about the future, but right now time seemed to be moving very slowly!

DSC 0343
She decided to wrap presents to help pass the time when finally the doorbell rang. Fiona had arrived.

DSC 0333
It's hard to imagine what the girls were thinking as they gazed at each other, both feeling a bit shy. It was almost like looking in a mirror. They even wore their hair the same length.

DSC 0330
Finally Maggie remembered that she wanted to show Fiona their room and that it was up to her to help Fiona feel welcome.

DSC 0351
Everything was ready for Fiona, including a nightgown to match Maggie's as well as a Christmas outfit. Mama Meli had made the outfits to be similar, but not exactly alike so the family could tell the girls apart! The other girls were off delivering Christmas cookies to the neighbors which allowed Maggie and Fiona to have a little more time alone together. Maggie showed Fiona around the house, and finally they ended up in the living room with the Christmas tree.

DSC 0366
Maggie had an early Christmas present for Fiona: a bunny just like hers!

DSC 0360

The girls continued to chat, with lots of questions and answers as they gazed around the cheerful room and decided what to play first. There were so many choices, so many things they both loved to do, and looked forward to doing together, that the only hard part was deciding what to do first. Happily, they had the rest of a long and wonderful childhood to play together. And one thing they knew for certain: this was going to be a Christmas to remember.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Kitty and Christmas Carols

Here is what happened at our house today. Everyone was getting dressed up for a Christmas party when Hannah heard a kitty mewing in the yard.

DSC 0307
She brought it into the house and it was very tame and sweet.

DSC 0311
"Can I keep it?" she asked, and of course I said yes.

DSC 0320
After dinner the girls went Christmas caroling. It was snowing lightly with fluffy snowflakes glittering in the Christmas lights. Outside was the peaceful hush that only comes with new fallen snow. We even passed people sitting outside around a fire enjoying this beautiful night. They raised their glasses and toasted the carolers.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Dream - Part 3 - It's True!

DSC 0259
Today I had just finished my schoolwork and was about to head outside to play hopscotch with Lupe, when Mama Meli stopped me.

DSC 0254
She said she had something to show me and something very important to discuss with me. I was a little scared. I thought about what I had done that morning, but I'd been very good. I usually am! I had even helped Lily Mae with her arithmetic.
Anyway, Mama beckoned me to follow her down the hall and into the bedroom.

DSC 0261
There was my bunny tucked in bed, but wait! This wasn't my bed!

DSC 0262
This was a bunk bed, a beautiful white bunk bed with soft sheets and lovely patchwork quilts. I bet Grandma made those! But, wait another minute! I get my own set of bunk beds? Top and bottom? Mama told me to have a seat and she would explain.

DSC 0264
I sat down and listened while Mama Meli told me the most amazing thing I have ever heard. I don't think anything more amazing can ever happen to me, but then I am only eight years old. The dreams I have been having of a little girl that looks like me are true. I have a twin sister and she is coming to live with us!

DSC 0267
I felt a million things all at once and Mama talked to me for a long time, to help me sort through it all. I am thrilled, of course, and a little scared. What if she doesn't like me? Will it be hard to share the new bunk beds with her? Mama assured me that it's normal to have these thoughts. She also reminded me that Fiona (that's my twin's name!) will also be scared and worried along with excited and happy. This will be a big change for everyone.

DSC 0266
This really and truly is wonderful. Mama Meli left me alone with my bunny to think about things before joining the others to share the news. I am feeling very blessed to have a twin sister and to have her coming home. I may only be eight years old, but I'm pretty sure this will be the best Christmas present ever!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Dream Part 2 - Going Home

Far away, across many miles of land and water a little girl named Fiona is excited and nervous all at the same time.

Going Home

The suit cases are already in the taxi waiting for Fiona. She is left standing alone in her room with just a few bags and her sock monkey. Fiona looks around the room that has been her home for as long as she can remember. It seems that many children are leaving the orphanage lately. Her best friend and bunk mate left a few days ago.


"Adopted! That's the word I've waited to hear for so long, so why is it so terrifying to say it now? Mr. Monkey, you are very brave. You don't look one bit scared."

A Little Chat

"Okay! I can be brave, too. No! I AM brave. I have dreamt of having a family of my own with a sister that likes the same things I do, and now my dreams are coming true. Here we go!"

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Dream

Maggie Rose always slept well when she stayed at Grandma's cabin. It was a treat to sleep in the soft feather bed, covered with a quilt made from scraps of fabric that she recognized from dresses she had worn. Grandma always left a lantern next to Maggie's bed, which made feel safe. She drifted off easily, feeling warm and cozy.


But, on this trip Maggie had woken up every single night, right in the middle of it, when everyone else was fast asleep. She listened to the hush of her surroundings and wondered what could possibly have caused her to wake up. Then she gasped. It was the dream! This dream which came to her every night for how many nights now? Three or four at least.


Maggie looked at her bunny. "Do you know what? I have had that dream again! It feels so real, just like it was something that happened earlier today, or yesterday. I am always happy, talking and giggling with another little girl who is my very best friend. Except that she is more than a friend. She is just like me! Maybe she IS me! We finish each others sentences and know what the other is thinking. We feel each others feelings. How can that be possible and why do I keep having this dream?"

Maggie's bunny just smiled. Bunnies are not very talkative, you know.


Maggie gave her bunny a hug and reached over to turn off the lantern. She looked forward to visiting dreamland again to see if she could find that little girl and ask her who she was.

Snow Snow Snow

We are wishing for lots and lots of snow, but so far we have had very little. However, the girls decided that there was enough to get out and play this week.

Lupe's Favorite View

Lupe gazed at her favorite view and was imagining snowboarding in the mountains. She has asked Santa for a snowboard for Christmas.

Pulling the Sled

Lily Mae begged Lupe to pull her on the sled. When we get the next snowstorm we will find a good sledding hill to go on. Meanwhile, it was fun to be pulled around the yard.

Let's Build  Snowman

Maggie Rose began to build a snowman, but the snow was very heavy and wet. Maybe next time they can all work together and build one.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Holiday Season

We are having a wonderful holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving at grandma's cabin in the mountains. We love the cabin for it's cozy atmosphere, the smell of piƱon burning in the fireplace and grandma's wonderful cooking. Outside the air is crisp and clean and it feels like we are on top of the world.

Grandma's Puppy
Grandma has a puppy name Tiny and Lily Mae loves to snuggle with him as she sits by the fire.

Baking Gingerbread Cookies
Maggie Rose got to help bake gingerbread cookies, and boy did they smell good when they came out of the oven. We also decorated the cabin with paper snowflakes. And, it just so happens that it began to snow outside or real!

So Tempting!
Lily Mae was very, very tempted by those cookies and asked if she could have some.

Maggie Rose
"Of course you can have some!" said Maggie Rose. "I made them to eat, not look at!" We know she was very proud of those cookies.

Would You Like One?
Lily Mae was happy to share.

The snow started to fall harder and harder and grandma said we would probably have to stay a few extra days if the roads were covered with deep snow. We all secretly hoped that would be the case. None of us wanted to leave this wonderful place.

Friday, April 5, 2013

After The Rain

We had two days of grey skies and rain, so Lily Mae was happy to get outside today and enjoy the warm sunshine.

After the Rain 1/2
There were puddles in the grass to jump in.

Colorful Flowers
And lovely, colorful flowers to enjoy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Littlest Ballerina

Lily Mae shares her camping experience so far:

Unique Camping Outfit
Even if your parents take you camping you can still be a ballerina. That's what I'm going to be when I grow up. I put on my tutu over my camping trousers.

Gotta Stretch
I have to stretch everyday. That's what ballerinas do!

First Position
This is first position.

Tricky Balance
Lookie! This is tricky to do, but I've been practicing.

Taking a Break
Phew! I'm kinda tired so I'll just sit here and watch the fish jump for a little while until it's time for lunch.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Travels With Lily Mae and Max

Lily Mae (Louisa) and Max (Tim) are on a 5-6 week camping journey with me from our home in Colorado down to the Gulf of Mexico and back. Hubby is a bird watcher and this is spring birding on the gulf and elsewhere. I just love to be outside anytime, anyplace, taking photos and watching our 5 month old puppy Lucy explore the great new world. We spend most of our time camping on the barrier islands in the Gulf. Tree Climbing As soon as we pulled into our campsite at Palo Duro canyon, Max jumped out and climbed a tree. I guess he had enough of riding in the car! Don't Touch Yikes! There is cactus everywhere. It's tempting to see how sharp those spikes really are. Golden Hair in the Sunset Lily Mae is not as adventuresome, but is in awe of the beauty of the canyon and is backlit by the sunset here. Danger Is My Middle Name Now we are on the barrier islands in the gulf. This one is called Goose Island and is full of new opportunities for fun. Max is thinking that "Danger" means "try this!" On The Rocks See? This is fun, not dangerous at all! Treasures from the Sea I'll give one of these treasures to Lily Mae. She likes pretty things. That will make up for me not following the sign's instructions. Stay tuned for more!