Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Kitty and Christmas Carols

Here is what happened at our house today. Everyone was getting dressed up for a Christmas party when Hannah heard a kitty mewing in the yard.

DSC 0307
She brought it into the house and it was very tame and sweet.

DSC 0311
"Can I keep it?" she asked, and of course I said yes.

DSC 0320
After dinner the girls went Christmas caroling. It was snowing lightly with fluffy snowflakes glittering in the Christmas lights. Outside was the peaceful hush that only comes with new fallen snow. We even passed people sitting outside around a fire enjoying this beautiful night. They raised their glasses and toasted the carolers.

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Serenata said...

Very sweet and nothing quite like Christmas Carols on a nice evening. The girls look like they wrapped up nice and warm and are very festive indeed.