Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fina's Troubles

Fina's Troubles 1/5
Fina: "I am all packed and ready to go camping. Those Blythe girls have bad colds and need to stay home. This trip will be MINE!"
Fina's Troubles 2/5
Summer: "I heard that, and I'm not sick. You're fine, too, right Tangerine?"

Tangerine: "I guess so. I'm not sure what being sick is."
Fina's Troubles 3/5
Fina: "NOOOOOOO!!!! It's not fair. I used to be the doll that got to travel and do everything. There are 365 photos to prove it. Now it's all Blythe, Blythe, Blythe..."
Fina's Troubles 4/5
Summer: "Fina, I didn't know you felt that way. Even if we come along camping, we will make sure you get lots of attention and photos, too. It could be fun! Right, Tangerine?"

Tangerine: "Yeah... I guess so..."

Fina: "Wow! Thanks, you guys, That's really nice of you. Now I feel much better."
Fina's Troubles 5/5
Latonda: "Hey, Letsie! I asked if we could go camping, too and Tía Meli said YES!"

Leticia: "Yay. I wants to find out what campings is!"


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camping Part 3

One day we went to a little town called Cuchara to get ice and milk. It is tiny, and just like you would imagine a western town to look. Cuchara
I like this town!

Do You Come Here Often? I chatted with this wooden Indian for a while. He was very nice.

Cuchrara's Dog Bar Cuchara has one general store and two places to eat. We got to eat at The Dog Bar because they really do allow dogs! That was fun for us and our puppy-girl.

Breakfast Room Mama calls our campsites our 'outdoor mansion.' This is the breakfast room.

Photobucket Here's Papa getting water.

Photobucket This is the dining room. We didn't have mosquitoes because it was too high up and cool, but there were flies in the afternoon and early evening.

Photobucket And finally, here is another friend I made.

Now I love camping and can't wait to go again! ` Tangy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camping Part2 - Bears!

And I got scared! OH MY!
Tangerine: "YIKES! There are bears here! Summer Lark said there were no bears, but I found proof that there are!"
Now I'm Scared!
Tangerine: "You said there were no bears here!"

Summer Lark: "Well, there aren't any here now.""

Tangerine: "But, they are around somewhere! I'm going to find a safe place to hide""

Summer Lark: "Tangy, you are plastic and so you've got nothing to worry about.""

Tangerine: "I don't trust you any more and you're not my favorite big sister either!""

Summer: "Ugh! Kids!""
Tangy: "I feel safe here in the river."

Summer: "Oh sure. You know, bears love fish!"


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tangy Goes Camping- Part 1

From Tangerine: I went on my first camping trip and it was fun! I was a little scared to be in the wilderness, but I was my bravest and got used to it. It was Summer Lark's second time camping so she told me all about it. First Day of Camping
At first I kept hearing lot of noises in the woods, but Summer said there were no bears there.

This Is Where We Cook

Summer showed me that this is where Mama cooks. I like the coffee pot, but I don't like coffee!


I took a walk in the woods and made some new friends! They wanted to come home with me because they were tired of eating roots and berries. More about that later!

Mining Days

One day we hiked around an old gold mine way up on the top of a mountain. It was really cool. The mines are open again because the price of gold is high, but they don't dig for gold like they did in the olden days. I looked and looked for a nugget of gold and never found one, Next time I'm bringing a shovel! This was near Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Keep Out!

There were lots of cool old buildings, but Mama said to stay out!

I'll be back with more pics later! ~ Tangerine

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dolly Friends

From Tangerine...

Today I made lots of friends.  LOTS!!!  We went to lunch and I got to play with a bunch of girls that look kind of like me.  But, they had all different colors of hair and eyes and clothes and it was really fun to see.

Chautauqua Meet
See how many of us there were!  Can you find me?  teehee

Are You a Real Princess?
I think I might have met a real princess.  She had a crown and flowing hair.  I wish I had a crown like that!

I'm going to be gone for two weeks on a camping trip so I'll talk to you later!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Out and About with Tangerine

I have been going lots of places lately.  Mama and Papa took me to a rock concert!  Seriously!  I thought I was too young and they were too old, teehee.  But, the best part was it took place at a beautiful, outdoor, natural amphitheater called Red Rocks.  And guess what?  It really IS made of red rocks.  Giant ones!

Rocking on the rocks
Are we there yet?  It was a long hike to get up there.  They have oxygen at the top for people not used to that!

Red Rocks Amphitheater
There were a lot of people there.  I was probably the only doll!

Close Your Eyes and Listen
Today was much calmer.  We took a walk by our favorite creek and I stopped to close my eyes and listen to the whispers of the dancing waters.

Hugs from Tangy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Look For Tangerine

From Tangerine:

On the Fence
Yesterday I was sitting on the fence, looking at the pretty wildflowers, when Mama said that today we would be having a spa day.  I didn't know what that meant, but she said I would be my own unique person afterward.

Custom Mango
So today we did the spa day and it was fun.  I like my freckles and shorter hair.  Plus, I got my own dolly as a surprise after we were done.  But, now I'm all worn out and ready for bed.

A note from the Mama:  Tangerine's makeover included lifting her gaze, enhancing her eyes and lips, added freckles, trimming her hair and spray matting her face. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Doll Museum

From Summer Lark:

Morning Hike
I have been very busy, which is keeping me from having time for my chemistry experiments!  Here I am hiking on a mountain.  I loved the pink flowers in the meadow behind me.

But yesterday we visited a museum filled with dolls, toys and miniatures from long, long ago.  The museum is in a lovely old Victorian home, so I dressed up appropriately.

We are Japanese
This antique doll is from Japan and is life size.  She used to sit in a public library for kids to play with

Antique Dollhouse
There were lots and lots of dollhouses and some were huge.  I wish I could have played with them!

What's this?  I have no idea, but I heard it's some kind of talking device.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Stroll in the Garden

From Summer Lark...  Last night we had a rain storm with lots of thunder and lightening.  It was wonderful to go out in the garden this morning and smell the fresh air.  I showed Tangerine my favorite places to hang out.

A Stroll in the Garden

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July in the Mountains

From Lark (formerly called Summer, but that will be explained later!)

We spent 5 days in the mountains and since it was the 4th of July I wore this pretty bow.

I loved the wildflowers and they were everywhere! I studied hard to learn their names.

This was my favorite flower and it's called Larkspur, so I asked if I could change my name to Lark and my person said yes!!!

Sometimes it best to just sit and contemplate in the forest. I do my best thinking here!

At 8200 feet high it gets cold at night, so I put on my warmest sweater and we lit a fire.

Who lives in there?
I think a big scary gnome might live in there!

Final Sunrise
On the last day I watched the sun come up and said goodbye to the campground.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camping Trip

We just went on our first camping trip of the year. There was a nice variety of weather - sun, wind and rain, to keep things interesting. ;) Still, it was a wonderful time and we loved being out of doors through it all.

Long Hike Short Legs
Fina and Kaya went on a long hike into the forest.

There used to be gold mines around here, and Fina searched for a nugget in a pile of tailings. She never found any gold, but hopes to go back and try again.

Top of the World
The views here are amazing and worth pondering.

Domos Climbing
Meanwhile, the Domos did a bit of mountain climbing. Go, Little D!

Mountain Town
One day we went to the nearby town of Rollinsville. It's tiny and hasn't changed much in the last hundred plus years.

Mei Mei
Mei and Fanchette (her bunny) spent most of their time looking for wildflowers.

Evenings in the Mountains
While we were camping I knit Mei a sweater set for the cool evenings.

Mei at Sunset
The sun was setting here, giving a glow to Mei's face.

Storm Clouds
And finally, the view from our camp. Puppy snuck into the photo in the lower righthand corner! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Good Summer Read

A Good Summer Read, originally uploaded by melimeli (all4dolls).

Coco found a great book for summer reading. She has a funny feeling that she is going to really like this one. Maybe that's because her full name is Clover Anne. Coco is just a nickname.