Friday, August 5, 2011

Out and About with Tangerine

I have been going lots of places lately.  Mama and Papa took me to a rock concert!  Seriously!  I thought I was too young and they were too old, teehee.  But, the best part was it took place at a beautiful, outdoor, natural amphitheater called Red Rocks.  And guess what?  It really IS made of red rocks.  Giant ones!

Rocking on the rocks
Are we there yet?  It was a long hike to get up there.  They have oxygen at the top for people not used to that!

Red Rocks Amphitheater
There were a lot of people there.  I was probably the only doll!

Close Your Eyes and Listen
Today was much calmer.  We took a walk by our favorite creek and I stopped to close my eyes and listen to the whispers of the dancing waters.

Hugs from Tangy


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Oh how kewl .. that looked like an awesome concert place to be .. you are so lucky .. it would have been a lot of fun for sure ..

We love your freckles and coloring after your spa day .. you are so cute .. Mama wants a girl a lot like you now too .. lol


Marlowe said...

Who was playing? Mom has music of Dave Matthews Band and the John Butler Trio playing at Red Rocks. Maybe your concert will be made into a CD!

Bama said...

What a beautiful place! So glad that you & Tangy are enjoying the summer.