Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life With Ailís 8 - By The Creek

By the Creek 2
Today I took a long walk by the creek. It was warm again and I needed some time alone to think.

By the Creek
I'm wondering about Violet. She seemed so smart, yet different from other kids her size. I didn't get to meet her parents because she ran off when she said she heard her father calling. That was weird!

By the Creek 3
At least I have something to think about besides school work and Mr Lee - haha...

By the Creek 4
I think I'll go back to the park tomorrow and see if she shows up again.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life With Ailís 7 - Meeting Violet

Ailís was enjoying a nice warm and sunny day at the park, when a little girl she didn't know walked up to her...

Girl: Hi! Will you read me a story?
Ailís: Um. I guess so. What's your name?

Girl: My name is Violet!

Violet: And everything that is purple is mine!

Ailís: Okay, Violet. If you say so. But, where's your mom? Shouldn't we tell her where you are?

Violet: It's okay. My dad's behind us on another bench and keeping an eye on me. He said I could come over here cause he's doing paperwork and is too busy to read to me right now.

Ailís: Okay then. Hey, wait! These pages are all blank!

Violet: I know! That way you can make up your own story about whatever you want!

Violet: It can be about princesses and unicorns and castles and magic... but, no bad guys. Okay?

Violet: And it can have fairies and talking flowers and it has to start with "Once upon a time..."

Ailís to self: What an interesting little girl. I wonder who she belongs to...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life With Ailís 6 - Mr. Lee

Mr Lee is a favorite teacher. All the kids love his gentle nature and creative side.

Who is he really? It's always the hands. The hands tell the story and they don't lie.

These hands play the cello, the guitar and direct the school choir. But, these hands have another story to tell.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life With Ailís 5 - New Clothes!

Hi! It's Ailís here. I have a couple of things to tell you. First, Ailís is the Irish name for Alice. It's pronounced A (like the letter)- lees. Second, since it's a new year we dolls have new looks. We are the same people, just look different because we changed eyes and wigs. Just wanted you to know so you wouldn't get confused!

Now, here are some pics of me in my fabulous new clothes! I have my own style and it's colorful! ^_^

Posing for Fun

Sundress 2

Coat and Hat for Ailís


Pinafore Dress for Ailís

Pinafore Dress for Ailís

I'll write more later, and let my BFF Kimiko on here, too.

Slán agat - that's goodbye in Irish!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prospero Año Nuevo

happy new year, originally uploaded by all4dolls.

Happy New Year!