Thursday, February 26, 2009

We get a doll house!

Hitty Isabella is our resident seamstress and crafts person and she has done it again! She made a dollhouse for Bitty Belle and everyone is thrilled with the bright colors (of course!) and the teeny, tiny furnishings. Bitty Belle just keeps redecorating it over and over again. Our person's father-in-law gave us the mini furniture, and in fact we still have a box full of things to play with. The house is made of strong cardboard. The trouble is we have no mini people to live in the house so we will have to look for some.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In which her promise is kept

My person kept her promise and made me a lovely green dress. The green bow is special because the ribbon was a surprise gift from another group of Hittys that live far away from here. By sewing it on the dress we will always know where it is and remember where it came from.

We took one photo inside and then went out to a little patch of grass for a "Little Hitty on the Prairie" shot. It has been warm and dry here and we've had some periods of strong winds that have blown dirt from the farm next door into our yard.

But it's nice to see that spring is coming! There are little green shoots coming up in the field.

Yesterday we heard a meadowlark singing for the first time this year! This isn't our photo, but gives you an idea what we are talking about!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In which HittyFlo talks with her person

HittyFlo (HF): So, you have a sewing machine, right?

Her person (P): Yes...

HF: And you've been sewing for many, many years.

P: Well...

HF: You've sewn for businesses, people, children and dolls.

P: ???

HF: Even for Barbie!

P: *winces*


P: I'm sorry. You have several nice dresses and I just thought someday I would get around to making more, but things happen and I get side-tracked and...

HF: That's enough. I understand. I watch you people day and night so I know all about it. But, PLEASE, will you make me a new dress? Pretty please?

P: OK. I promise. I will make you a new dress tonight.

HF: A green one? For St Patrick's Day? I have always wanted a green dress.

P: OK. A green one.

Photos tomorrow! (or someone will be in big trouble!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Quilt Fairy came! from Hitty Flo

Yes, my friends, there IS a Quilt Fairy. She flew across the entire country and delivered a package of tiny squares of fabric. Naturally Hitty Isabella grabbed her needle and thread and began a marathon of sewing which lasted late into the night. She made a lovely charm quilt to use as a lap quilt or to wrap up in on cold nights. So, thank you to the quilt fairy for inspiring us!

I am also happy to be back on what really is my own blog. The children around here are being encouraged to create their own so that we Hittys can have a peaceful and quiet place to write!