Friday, January 30, 2009

more clues from Emily

Here I am with my sisters and we are all in our new pajamas or nightgowns. Guess that should be enough information for you to figure out what we are doing, right? Yep! We are going to have a sleepover. Samantha has traveled through time to join us, so there will be four girls having a crazy time, haha. I'll be sure and take some photos and let you know how it goes. I don't think we will get much sleep! ;)


Sunday, January 25, 2009


No, we haven't solved the mystery yet. I just wanted to tell you how excited I was today because it was snowing! I got to wear my best coat to go out to lunch. I love my red mittens! But, before we left I begged Mama to let me go out in the back and see the snow closeup!

See the lovely snow flakes!

I wanted to check on my little friend that lives outside, too.

Mr. Gnome has some snow on him, too. Well, it hasn't snowed enought to play in and now it is stopping.

I hope we get more snow soon!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's a mystery!

Hi! It's Emily again. We are so busy around here and Mama has been sewing more then ever. She's says there is going to be a surprise and won't tell us what it is, but will say that we should be able to figure it out if we pay attention. Here are the clues so far:

1. Mama made a pair of new pajamas for Mia.
2. Mama got a new bed for us and made a quilt to go on top.

Hmmmm... I have some ideas about what's she's up to. Do you?


Monday, January 19, 2009

the long walk

Hi everyone! It's me: Emily. I wanted to write this blog all by myself and Hitty Flo said it was ok as long as I use spell check. Today was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the 60s. Mama and Papa decided we should go for a nice walk around a lake that is near our house. For someone my size this is a really long walk!

Look! My shadow came along, too!

There is lots to do at the lake. You can fish, play on the playground, exercise on bars, play basketball, or make up games and hide in the weeds. Mama wouldn't let me play in the water because it is too cold.

I found some fun rocks to climb on...

I made it to the top! If you look carefully you can see the snow capped mountains behind me. They look a lot closer in real life. I hope I get to go to the lake again soon and play some more!

If you want to see more photos from today's walk go to:


Saturday, January 17, 2009

In which HittyMaria gets glasses

HittyMaria is definitely the scholar in our household. She loves to read and constantly has a book in her hand. Her dream is to be a librarian and have her own library. We noticed that she looked a bit cross eyed and when she began to complain of headaches our person said she had a hunch what was wrong. A few days later she brought HittyMaria a pair of glasses to try and that seemed to do the trick!

Right now HittyMaria is studying her bird book in prepartion for the migration season when many birds fly through our area. These warm days have made it seem like summer is right around the corner, but we know better! (And we sympathize with our many friends who are reading this and have been FREEZING lately and hope you warm up soon!)

Oh! And I can't forget to mention HittyMaria's new binoculars. They were a Christmas gift from all of us. She has them on at all times. Recently she saw and eagle! It flew through the field next door. There have also been many hawks around lately. They sit right on our fence and watch for prey. We feel mixed emotions when we see them catch a smaller bird because we love the little birds, but the hawks need to eat too. It is like National Geographic right in our backyard!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In which we plan ahead

Hitty Flo writes:

The Christmas decorations are still up and waiting for Grandma to get well enough to come see them. However, that has not stopped our person from thinking about the next holiday: Valentines Day! Some of the little girls (Samantha and Emily) are already wearing hearts and planning on making Valentines. Sam is the lucky one since she is wearing a new dress that our person just finished today. I would love a new dress, too, and a box of chocolates!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

in which we receive a "Pay It Forward" gift

From Hitty Flo:

Hittys and their persons are a wonderful group of dolls and people and I am happy to report that our person has had some very nice experiences since I came into her life. Yesterday she opened the mail to find a gift from someone she has never met. It was simply a generous sharing from a very creative and kind woman who had heard that our Miss Hickory was rather lonely.

It is true that Miss Hickory lives alone in her cabin and although she has the occasional visitor, she has been quite bored. However, that has all changed with the arrival of two very sweet nut children who needed a home. They arrived with only their clothes and dollys hoping to find someone to take care of them.

Miss Hickory immediately began moving furniture around and baking oatmeal cookies to help the youngsters settle in. She is planning on weaving a rug since children like to play on the floor, and making little coats for cold weather.

The nut children fell in love with the cabin and Miss Hickory right away. After such an exciting day they were very sleepy soon after the sun set, but it was hard to calm down. Miss Hickory knew exactly what to do and I snapped a couple of photos while she told them a bedtime story.

A note from our person: If you are curious about the origins of Miss Hickory, who happens to be a small wooden doll with a hickory nut head, read "Miss Hickory" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.

Friday, January 2, 2009

#2 is a My Twinn dress

From Hitty Flo:

Our person decided to sew for the big girls. She said that since this dress was already cut out she better sew it together even though Christmas is over.

This is a new friend for Ally and Lizzy, and her name is Cookie. She came to live here a few weeks ago, having come home with our person from the doll show. Cookie seems very nice and kind of quiet so I'm hoping she will be a good influence on the others. Things actually have been very calm around here. I guess all the children are busy playing with their new toys.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

#1 is a miniquilt!

From Hitty Flo!
I finally get to blog again and just in time. We have had this lovely bed for over a year and thanks to the "100 Things Challenge" our person has made us a lovely quilt for the bed. This is just the 1st item to be made and we look forward to seeing what else she does. Only 99 things to go!