Monday, January 19, 2009

the long walk

Hi everyone! It's me: Emily. I wanted to write this blog all by myself and Hitty Flo said it was ok as long as I use spell check. Today was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the 60s. Mama and Papa decided we should go for a nice walk around a lake that is near our house. For someone my size this is a really long walk!

Look! My shadow came along, too!

There is lots to do at the lake. You can fish, play on the playground, exercise on bars, play basketball, or make up games and hide in the weeds. Mama wouldn't let me play in the water because it is too cold.

I found some fun rocks to climb on...

I made it to the top! If you look carefully you can see the snow capped mountains behind me. They look a lot closer in real life. I hope I get to go to the lake again soon and play some more!

If you want to see more photos from today's walk go to:


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