Thursday, January 8, 2009

in which we receive a "Pay It Forward" gift

From Hitty Flo:

Hittys and their persons are a wonderful group of dolls and people and I am happy to report that our person has had some very nice experiences since I came into her life. Yesterday she opened the mail to find a gift from someone she has never met. It was simply a generous sharing from a very creative and kind woman who had heard that our Miss Hickory was rather lonely.

It is true that Miss Hickory lives alone in her cabin and although she has the occasional visitor, she has been quite bored. However, that has all changed with the arrival of two very sweet nut children who needed a home. They arrived with only their clothes and dollys hoping to find someone to take care of them.

Miss Hickory immediately began moving furniture around and baking oatmeal cookies to help the youngsters settle in. She is planning on weaving a rug since children like to play on the floor, and making little coats for cold weather.

The nut children fell in love with the cabin and Miss Hickory right away. After such an exciting day they were very sleepy soon after the sun set, but it was hard to calm down. Miss Hickory knew exactly what to do and I snapped a couple of photos while she told them a bedtime story.

A note from our person: If you are curious about the origins of Miss Hickory, who happens to be a small wooden doll with a hickory nut head, read "Miss Hickory" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.

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