Saturday, January 17, 2009

In which HittyMaria gets glasses

HittyMaria is definitely the scholar in our household. She loves to read and constantly has a book in her hand. Her dream is to be a librarian and have her own library. We noticed that she looked a bit cross eyed and when she began to complain of headaches our person said she had a hunch what was wrong. A few days later she brought HittyMaria a pair of glasses to try and that seemed to do the trick!

Right now HittyMaria is studying her bird book in prepartion for the migration season when many birds fly through our area. These warm days have made it seem like summer is right around the corner, but we know better! (And we sympathize with our many friends who are reading this and have been FREEZING lately and hope you warm up soon!)

Oh! And I can't forget to mention HittyMaria's new binoculars. They were a Christmas gift from all of us. She has them on at all times. Recently she saw and eagle! It flew through the field next door. There have also been many hawks around lately. They sit right on our fence and watch for prey. We feel mixed emotions when we see them catch a smaller bird because we love the little birds, but the hawks need to eat too. It is like National Geographic right in our backyard!

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