Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July in the Mountains

From Lark (formerly called Summer, but that will be explained later!)

We spent 5 days in the mountains and since it was the 4th of July I wore this pretty bow.

I loved the wildflowers and they were everywhere! I studied hard to learn their names.

This was my favorite flower and it's called Larkspur, so I asked if I could change my name to Lark and my person said yes!!!

Sometimes it best to just sit and contemplate in the forest. I do my best thinking here!

At 8200 feet high it gets cold at night, so I put on my warmest sweater and we lit a fire.

Who lives in there?
I think a big scary gnome might live in there!

Final Sunrise
On the last day I watched the sun come up and said goodbye to the campground.

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Bama said...

She is adorable and one of my favorite Blythes.