Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fina's Troubles

Fina's Troubles 1/5
Fina: "I am all packed and ready to go camping. Those Blythe girls have bad colds and need to stay home. This trip will be MINE!"
Fina's Troubles 2/5
Summer: "I heard that, and I'm not sick. You're fine, too, right Tangerine?"

Tangerine: "I guess so. I'm not sure what being sick is."
Fina's Troubles 3/5
Fina: "NOOOOOOO!!!! It's not fair. I used to be the doll that got to travel and do everything. There are 365 photos to prove it. Now it's all Blythe, Blythe, Blythe..."
Fina's Troubles 4/5
Summer: "Fina, I didn't know you felt that way. Even if we come along camping, we will make sure you get lots of attention and photos, too. It could be fun! Right, Tangerine?"

Tangerine: "Yeah... I guess so..."

Fina: "Wow! Thanks, you guys, That's really nice of you. Now I feel much better."
Fina's Troubles 5/5
Latonda: "Hey, Letsie! I asked if we could go camping, too and Tía Meli said YES!"

Leticia: "Yay. I wants to find out what campings is!"


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Born American girl doll said...

That's a great photo story :D