Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Dream

Maggie Rose always slept well when she stayed at Grandma's cabin. It was a treat to sleep in the soft feather bed, covered with a quilt made from scraps of fabric that she recognized from dresses she had worn. Grandma always left a lantern next to Maggie's bed, which made feel safe. She drifted off easily, feeling warm and cozy.


But, on this trip Maggie had woken up every single night, right in the middle of it, when everyone else was fast asleep. She listened to the hush of her surroundings and wondered what could possibly have caused her to wake up. Then she gasped. It was the dream! This dream which came to her every night for how many nights now? Three or four at least.


Maggie looked at her bunny. "Do you know what? I have had that dream again! It feels so real, just like it was something that happened earlier today, or yesterday. I am always happy, talking and giggling with another little girl who is my very best friend. Except that she is more than a friend. She is just like me! Maybe she IS me! We finish each others sentences and know what the other is thinking. We feel each others feelings. How can that be possible and why do I keep having this dream?"

Maggie's bunny just smiled. Bunnies are not very talkative, you know.


Maggie gave her bunny a hug and reached over to turn off the lantern. She looked forward to visiting dreamland again to see if she could find that little girl and ask her who she was.

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