Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Dream Part 4 - Home For Christmas

DSC 0325
Maggie Rose was practicing the piano, just like she did every day, but today she had trouble concentrating. This was the biggest day of her life. Today, on Christmas Eve, her twin sister would arrive and they would be reunited after many, many years.

DSC 0326
Maggie always found that playing the piano was a calming activity. Her well practiced fingers could run over the keys while her mind soared to other places. These places could be memories from the past, or perhaps they were scenes she imagined had happened. Either way, they made today all the more special, for she knew she had once lived with her twin, but they had been separated while in the foster system.

DSC 0327
Maggie decided that was enough thinking about the past. She was excited about the future, but right now time seemed to be moving very slowly!

DSC 0343
She decided to wrap presents to help pass the time when finally the doorbell rang. Fiona had arrived.

DSC 0333
It's hard to imagine what the girls were thinking as they gazed at each other, both feeling a bit shy. It was almost like looking in a mirror. They even wore their hair the same length.

DSC 0330
Finally Maggie remembered that she wanted to show Fiona their room and that it was up to her to help Fiona feel welcome.

DSC 0351
Everything was ready for Fiona, including a nightgown to match Maggie's as well as a Christmas outfit. Mama Meli had made the outfits to be similar, but not exactly alike so the family could tell the girls apart! The other girls were off delivering Christmas cookies to the neighbors which allowed Maggie and Fiona to have a little more time alone together. Maggie showed Fiona around the house, and finally they ended up in the living room with the Christmas tree.

DSC 0366
Maggie had an early Christmas present for Fiona: a bunny just like hers!

DSC 0360

The girls continued to chat, with lots of questions and answers as they gazed around the cheerful room and decided what to play first. There were so many choices, so many things they both loved to do, and looked forward to doing together, that the only hard part was deciding what to do first. Happily, they had the rest of a long and wonderful childhood to play together. And one thing they knew for certain: this was going to be a Christmas to remember.


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Carolyn said...

How sweet! Congrats! I'm loving these dolls and have wanted for a long time. Trying not to ad anymore dolls to my collection, but my resolve is fading!