Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Littlest Ballerina

Lily Mae shares her camping experience so far:

Unique Camping Outfit
Even if your parents take you camping you can still be a ballerina. That's what I'm going to be when I grow up. I put on my tutu over my camping trousers.

Gotta Stretch
I have to stretch everyday. That's what ballerinas do!

First Position
This is first position.

Tricky Balance
Lookie! This is tricky to do, but I've been practicing.

Taking a Break
Phew! I'm kinda tired so I'll just sit here and watch the fish jump for a little while until it's time for lunch.


Bolton Girls said...

You and Max seem to be having fun on this trip .. that is so kewl .. we love going on trips with Mama too ..

Have fun and keep sharing.

Hugs, Taryn

all4dolls said...

Thank you! Sorry we did not email you back. We left on this trip in a hurry and a few days early to beat a big storm that was coming. Now we are having trouble connecting with that email account. Anyway, we are thinking of you and will be in touch. One of the gang would like to come visit!

Hugs from Kiki and Holly and Mia and Eva and Luci... ;-)