Monday, April 1, 2013

Travels With Lily Mae and Max

Lily Mae (Louisa) and Max (Tim) are on a 5-6 week camping journey with me from our home in Colorado down to the Gulf of Mexico and back. Hubby is a bird watcher and this is spring birding on the gulf and elsewhere. I just love to be outside anytime, anyplace, taking photos and watching our 5 month old puppy Lucy explore the great new world. We spend most of our time camping on the barrier islands in the Gulf. Tree Climbing As soon as we pulled into our campsite at Palo Duro canyon, Max jumped out and climbed a tree. I guess he had enough of riding in the car! Don't Touch Yikes! There is cactus everywhere. It's tempting to see how sharp those spikes really are. Golden Hair in the Sunset Lily Mae is not as adventuresome, but is in awe of the beauty of the canyon and is backlit by the sunset here. Danger Is My Middle Name Now we are on the barrier islands in the gulf. This one is called Goose Island and is full of new opportunities for fun. Max is thinking that "Danger" means "try this!" On The Rocks See? This is fun, not dangerous at all! Treasures from the Sea I'll give one of these treasures to Lily Mae. She likes pretty things. That will make up for me not following the sign's instructions. Stay tuned for more!

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