Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter Walk and a New Dolly


It has been cold enough here for the snow to linger longer than usual. However, with the bright sunshine we can't help but be tempted to go outside. It was my first chance to take photos of Tiny Riley by Helen Kish. She certainly is tiny, being smaller even than Riley. I actually knit this jumper to be a sweater for Riley, but decided it could be a dress for the tiny one. She still doesn't have a name!

At the Boat House
Tiny Riley is standing in front of the boat house by the lake in the first photo. It's not much of a lake right now because they drained it last fall to do some work on it. In the summer you can rent paddle boats on the lake, but I don't know if it will be full enough by next summer. It could take years to refill, depending on how much water there is available.

The "danger" sign warns people to stay off the ice because it is not cold enough here for good solid ice to form.

Walking On the Lake
The sign doesn't make much sense anyway, since the lake is now just a field!

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Sharon said...

I really like this little tiny Riley, I'm sorely tempted by her but I wonder if she'd end up being neglected here! She looks great in your photos and that sweater is super cute on her as a dress/tunic!