Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Montoyas

Custom AG Clara

Josefina has the largest area in the doll room for her house because I love the style of southwestern and Mexican furnishings more than any other. It didn't make sense for her to ramble around her home all alone, so I gave her a sister, Clara. Clara is a #44 with the wig from #55.

The Montoya Girls

Here are all three of my Montoyas. Marisol is now named Esperanza and is a cousin who lives with Josefina.

The rancho is being remodeled so I'm not sharing photos yet. I purchased some miniature tiles in Mexico that I want to incorporate and I need to make a better adobe fireplace for the sala.


Serenata said...

Love the Montoya family - will look forward to seeing more of the room in due course.

Light4theLord said...

Oh, please do post pictures! I love how you added more to Josefina's family- Marisol/Ezperanza looks like she seriously came in Josefina's family! Can't wait for more pictures!