Sunday, January 10, 2016

Homage a Kimi


I've been feeling very nostalgic this weekend as I took photos of two older dolls. First is Kimi, an early version of Souldoll's MSD.

MSD Souldoll
She was my second BJD and first MSD sized one.

Kimi came to live with me in May 2007 and has had quite a variety of wigs over time.

Parsley Pixie
Parsley Pixie was a Valentine's gift and a special edition called a White Chocolate Vampire by Orientdoll. She as three pairs of wings that attach with magnets, but don't work over some clothing.

I never could decide on a wig for Parsley. She and Kimi were and are still great friends. I made the outfits both are wearing.


Serenata said...

Lovely to see and read about some of your other doll family members. They look like they are great friends. Cute outfits.

Ianthe Shelley said...

Oh, how very lovely to see Kimi again! That all seems like another lifetime, doesn't it? Only nine years, but so very much has changed for everyone. She is such a welcome sight!