Friday, January 8, 2016

Stuffies, Mini Doll Sizes and Vintage Dolls

I am catching up the blog with three days of photos.

This is Hoppy, my husband's childhood stuffy. He still has all his limbs, but was very well loved.

Teddy and Hoppy
Hoppy and my childhood Teddy Bear hang out together in a glass cabinet.

Kish/MiniAG/NancyAnn Sizes
Next, a few people have asked me about the sizes of Tiny Riley and a mini American Girl. I photographed Peter (who is regular Riley size), mini Josefina, Tiny Riley and my Nancy Ann Storybook Doll all together. You can see why I think of Tiny Riley as being so petite.

A New Friend
And finally, today's photo shows Elizabeth (on the right) meeting a new friend. She's a little intimidated by new girl's perfect blonde hair and shiny body. I hope they get along!


Serenata said...

Loved seeing you and your husband's childhood stuffies! Wonderful!

Your Nancy Ann's are gorgeous - I was lucky enough to get another for my collection for Christmas from my MIL which was nice.

Interesting to see the body comparison - her legs and hips are quite slim aren't they?

Jennie Ashmore said...

Pretty baby dolls! Hope you will be in or near Corpus Christi Texas some day!