Monday, December 1, 2008

In which I introduce myself

Hello dear readers. My name is Hitty Flo. I am a very special doll and live in a house filled with many of my kind. My guardian and close friend seems to have a hard time resisting us and I don't blame her as we make wonderful companions and seem to inspire great creativity. I have a an esteemed ancestry, and am known for my travels and adventures. "Hitty's First Hundred Years" is a wonderful book that can let you know more about me and where I've been. I will share more of my present life in future posts.

My guardian named this blog "Doll Dance" after a song that her grandmother used to play on the piano. There was one other favorite song about a Doll's Wedding that she loved as well. Music and dolls have always been an important part of her life. Now her home is filled with all kinds of dolls, from tiny to large, made of wood, vinyl, composition, cloth and resin. I am very lucky to be made of wood and to be small because it means I get to go on trips while the larger and more fragile dolls must remain at home. However, I am happy to share every detail of my adventures with my friends and will begin to write them here as well.


The Meadow Hittys said...

Hey there! Love your blog AND your Hitty house. Your dolls are beautiful. :o)

The Meadow Hittys said...

LOL! Me again...that's a link to my 8 year old's blog there. Don't know how I managed that!
Hope you are having a great weekend!