Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We have been so very busy here! Our person has decorated every room of the house. Even the little bathroom has a small Christmas tree in it. Last night she hosted a caroling party and we got to hear all of our favorite Christmas Carols when the people warmed up and then they went outside to sing for the neighbors. I did not go along, but heard that it was quite a success, with the exception of one little toddler boy who cried.

Our own Hitty house has a Christmas tree and Hitty Benita and Hitty Isabella have just finished baking pies for tomorrow's feast.

Miss Hickory is in the Christmas spirit with her cabin nicely decorated and a little lady mouse sitting outside by the big tree.

The vintage dollys remember many a Christmas past when they were the special gift for some little girl. They have the prize spot - sitting under the big tree in the living room. Little Bunny is sitting on a sled, while the twins Teeny and Tiny look on.

The big girls have their own tree and are hoping Santa will come with many presents. Our newest companion, Cookie, does not have a Christmas dress since our person has been too busy to finish it. Cookie really does not mind, though, as she feels lucky to be with a family for Christmas instead of in a box in a doll factory.

Little Moni is just too cute to leave out. She is one of the Himstedt dolls I have mentioned before. We thought she looked especially cute clutching her angel dolly.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! with love from Hitty Flo and her family

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