Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Threads for Winky

Howdy from Winky!

Pixies got ta blend in with the surrondin's, if ya gets me meanin'. So I gots me a great outfit for hangin' with the gang at the lake.

New Threads
I got a lift from the giant hand fer me firstest pic.

Winky Visits the Lake
Here tis da beach area. Wish ah had me fishin' pole. I seen some biggins jumpin'.

I could build meself a sweet house in dis tree!

I be back t' visit da lake again soon!

~ Winky

1 comment:

Tiggy said...

Hey Winky! I Founds Ya! LuVins Yer Outfit ans seeins Ya Outs ans Abouts!

Haves Fun AdVenturin!
LuV ~ TiGGy