Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Shoes

From Winky:

Now all yous knows I's a pixie and gots a lots a knowing 'bout lots a things. But, I bets ya donna know what a bigmost job I has takins care of me newest most best friend, Valentine. Here be what happened:

Deez shoes-es be the trouble causers.

Valentine Can't Look
Valentine started a most terrible cryins when she putted 'em on. Sayins she could never find pretty shoe-es to fits her most biggest feets.

Dancing in Shoes
Sos, I had the bright-most idea to puts on me own shoes-es and show how coolest they is!

Both have new shoes
And pretty soon we be rockins the shoe-es!

Valentine laughed and now me friend is a happy-most girl and says the shoe-es be cool!

I gots me a hug an' kiss.

Oh yeah - I knows I the rockin' most pixie. Gots cool shoes-es, too!

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