Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Tea Party & A Story

This is what Fina found when she went to the garden today: Elizabeth had set up a tea party!


Elizabeth still looked like a princess since she was dressed in a lovely lavendar gown with flowers in her hair.


And she had a bouquet for Fina to put in her hair, too! Elizabeth said that Fina looked like a beautiful Spanish Señorita. "¡Claro!" said Fina with a giggle. "I am a Spanish niña!"


There was tea sweetened with honey and sweet buns to eat. Elizabeth let Fina have the chocolate frosted bun because she guessed that would be her favorite and she was right!


This was a wonderful surprise and it gave the girls a chance to talk. Fina found out that Elizabeth had belonged to a little girl who always kept her on her dresser. She did not like to play with dolls. But, then Elizabeth was given to the girl's cousin who loved dolls and played with her a lot. This girl named her Elizabeth because she thought that was the prettiest and most royal name she knew. Those were very fun times with lots of adventures with other dolls and stuffed animals and the little girl.

But,the little girl grew up, as they always do, and her mother put Elizabeth in a box with some other dolls where she stayed for a long time. At least the other dolls were her friends and she wasn't alone, but it was very dark and there was nothing much to do.

Finally after a long time the grown up girl (now a lady, perhaps) opened the box and took the dolls out. This was a different house with new things to see. Most exciting was the fact that the lady played with the dolls. It wasn't the same as when she was a little girl, but she changed their clothes, sewed new things for them, took photos and let them sit on a shelf in her bedroom. This was a nicer time than being in the box!

But, suddenly all the dolls were put back in a box! In fact, everything was put in boxes including the dishes. Oh, dear! When the dolls heard that the lady and her family were moving to a new house they were hopeful that they would be out of the boxes quickly, but that did not happen. It seemed that dishes and clothes were more important because those were unpacked right away, but not the poor dolls!

The box was old and flimsy and it was not taped shut, so one day Elizabeth decided to crawl out and explore the new house. The other dolls were very worried that she would get lost or hurt and begged her to stay, saying that surely the lady would be releasing them soon. But, Elizabeth was impatient and would not listen, so out she went!

Elizabeth said it was now time to go, and promised to return tomorrow and continue with her tale. I am on pins and needles waiting to find out what happened next!

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