Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome Daisy

Welcome Home

Welcome home to Daisy, the newest member of our household. Daisy is a 12" Xenis doll and made entirely of wood. She poses beautifully and her joints move with a smooth and graceful feeling. I have never had a doll that could hold a pose so easily. I am delighted with her study feel and look forward to taking her on our travels.

Bundled Up

We received about 5 or 6 inches of snow yesterday, and today was cold, but we braved the weather to go out and see the beauty of snow covered fields and mountains and the opening up of the blue sky as the clouds disappear. Daisy enjoyed sitting on the fence post and taking in her new surroundings.
Daisy has had to borrow all of her clothes from other dolls, as she arrived in only a ballet costume. Now the excitement begins as I start planning a wardrobe just for her. She is not the same size as anyone else who lives here, so her clothes must be custom made. She tells me that she lives in 1911, so I will have to try and make her appropriate outfits that she will feel comfortable wearing.


Carolyn said...

Congrats! She is gorgeous! I have admired the Xenis dolls for a long time. Maybe someday, I'll have one. I also love Pongrantz dolls. (I hope I spelled that right!) LOL!

Serenata said...

She is even lovelier than I thought she would be! What an amazing doll. So lovely to read how she poses as well. Have fun!