Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lily Mae And Easter

When Is Easter Bunny Coming? Lily Mae is a new little friend who just arrived and is curious to learn about the world. She is a Kidz n Cats doll, designed by Sonja Hartmann and her sweet face has captured my heart. Now I am listening to many questions like "When is Easter Coming?" "Where does the Easter bunny get all those eggs?" And finally, "Where is my Easter bonnet?"

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jenann said...

Just found your own blog. I'm so pleased Lily Mae is settling in so well. She looks wonderful in her new dress and I cant wait to see her Easter bonnet!
My K&C kids have come out from builder enforced hibernation and are demanding attention. I can hear my Louisa saying, You see! Thats my identical cousin and SHE is going to have nice clothes and Easter eggs, and shes got a name of her own. What about Lena and me?' Lol.