Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mary Makes a New Friend

Hi! I'm Mary and the newest girl in this home. Today I was writing in my diary because I wasn't sure what to do with myself and was kind of bored.
From Mary (Maria Sol)

Kimi: "Hey, kiddo! What's up?"
From Mary (Maria Sol)

Mary: "Excuse me? Who are you?"
From Mary (Maria Sol)

Kimi: "You must be Mary, the new girl. I'm Kimi, the old girl, haha. Nice to meet cha."
From Mary (Maria Sol)

Mary: "Oh, hello! I'm very glad to meet another girl about my size and age. I was starting to feel a bit lonely and wondered if there were any dolls here more like me. I started to think maybe I wouldn't fit in and get sent away or something."
Kimi: "You? Naw, you are special. I can tell. You are alive and the only dolls that leave here are ones that don't come alive for some reason. They are given another chance somewhere else. Besides, you are new! I'm an old model and have fat ankles, haha, but I'm still loved."
From Mary (Maria Sol)

So, I have a friend and now I'm so very happy! We chatted...
From Mary (Maria Sol)

... and chatted ...
From Mary (Maria Sol)

... until it was time for dinner. I feel so lucky now!



mary said...

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Bama said...

This is also my first time to comment on your blog. I love your dolls! Your story is cute too.

I just recently started a doll blog myself and would love for you to come visit me.


all4dolls said...

Hi mary and Bama. Thanks for commenting. I will check out the website and your blogs. I hope to post more stories soon.