Thursday, March 19, 2009

In which we head to Las Vegas

It's spring break and we are going to Las Vegas! Our person and her husband do not gamble, but are trying to see every Cirque du Soliel show and will see a new one. However, the most important decision has been which of us Hittys gets to go along. I am the usual traveler around here, but we had to discuss this just to be fair. Hitty Maria is the smart one and said she can count cards, but our person did not think that was a good idea. Hitty Isabella is busy decorating her Spanish Mansion (now known as Casa Bonita) and Hitty Benita is anxious to get started gardening. So I will be the one to travel again!

Since I am the adventurous type I will insist we get some exercise and wander around the desert while the teenage humans "hang" at the pool (as they say.) We will have photos to share when we return next week.

Hitty Flo

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