Saturday, February 6, 2016

How Ailís Spent Her Snowday

Writing the Great American Novel 1/8
This past week we had a snow day and Ailís decided to use it to write a novel. Like Kimi, she'd been reading a gothic romance and decided she should write one.

Maybe Writers' Block 2/8
She decided to use her grandmother's old fashioned typewriter. It just seemed more fitting. With her iPod playing, a plate of cookies and some water she was ready to go!

Hard at Work? 3/8
Hmmmm... Yes, ready to go. (notice the page is still blank!)

Maybe a Snack Will Help 4/8
Maybe eating one of the cookies will inspire the beginning of this great novel.

Or Feeding the Fish? 5/8
"Did I remember to feed the fish today?"

Maybe Reading a Book 6/8
Maybe reading a bit would help. Don't all great novelists read a lot?

Hmmm...  Perhaps a Nap 7/8
Feeling a little sleepy, that bed looks awfully comfy.

ZZZZZzzzzz.... 8/8
Zzzzzzzzz... (I guess the great American novel can wait another day.)

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Marlene said...

You sure have some great furniture and props for your doll displays.