Saturday, February 6, 2016

How Ailís Spent Her Snowday

Writing the Great American Novel 1/8
This past week we had a snow day and Ailís decided to use it to write a novel. Like Kimi, she'd been reading a gothic romance and decided she should write one.

Maybe Writers' Block 2/8
She decided to use her grandmother's old fashioned typewriter. It just seemed more fitting. With her iPod playing, a plate of cookies and some water she was ready to go!

Hard at Work? 3/8
Hmmmm... Yes, ready to go. (notice the page is still blank!)

Maybe a Snack Will Help 4/8
Maybe eating one of the cookies will inspire the beginning of this great novel.

Or Feeding the Fish? 5/8
"Did I remember to feed the fish today?"

Maybe Reading a Book 6/8
Maybe reading a bit would help. Don't all great novelists read a lot?

Hmmm...  Perhaps a Nap 7/8
Feeling a little sleepy, that bed looks awfully comfy.

ZZZZZzzzzz.... 8/8
Zzzzzzzzz... (I guess the great American novel can wait another day.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Kimiko has her pensive side.

Snow Day
On cold winter days she likes to sit in the bay window and daydream. Reading gothic romances inspired her to select a black dress and velvet cape to wear today.

Outside it's snowing and a little windy, but in Kimi's mind the winds are howling over the moors.

The winds would be whipping the rain in all directions, but she would not be afraid to go out into the storm. She would pull up her hood against the cold.

No one would stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do. Being a girl would not have any restraints.

Hmmmm... Women didn't have a very good life in those novels. Kimi'd rather live in modern times.

Oh well. It's fun to daydream...

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Snowing!!!

Hurry!  Quick!  Lookie!
Penny and Lily looked out the window and discovered it was snowing. Immediately Penny started yelling for big sister Valentine to come quick.

Please! Please! Please!
Poor Valentine was getting a headache from all the pestering by Penny begging to go out in the snow. We will have to wait and see what happens next.

The Tiny BJD Family

Tiny Family

I took a photo of all my tinies. They are each from a different company and are quite a variety of sizes and shapes. In the back from left to right: Planetdoll Riz, Elfdoll Winkie, Pukipuki Pongpong, Lati Yellow Lami. In the front on the left is a baby Hujoo (in ABS, not resin) and Orientdoll White Chocolate Vampire So.

Say "Cheese?"

Valentine wanted to try her hand at photography, but Penny was not cooperating!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Montoyas

Custom AG Clara

Josefina has the largest area in the doll room for her house because I love the style of southwestern and Mexican furnishings more than any other. It didn't make sense for her to ramble around her home all alone, so I gave her a sister, Clara. Clara is a #44 with the wig from #55.

The Montoya Girls

Here are all three of my Montoyas. Marisol is now named Esperanza and is a cousin who lives with Josefina.

The rancho is being remodeled so I'm not sharing photos yet. I purchased some miniature tiles in Mexico that I want to incorporate and I need to make a better adobe fireplace for the sala.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kimi and Ailís

Walking in the Snow
Ailís enjoyed walking in the snow yesterday.

Holding the Snow
It was actually quite warm in the sun so she pulled off her hood and picked up some of the fluffy whiteness.

In the Chalet
She carried the snow into the chalet where she was meeting her friend, Kimi.

Watching the Boys?
I asked the girls if they met at the chalet so they could watch the boys out on the hockey rink, but they emphatically denied that!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Homage a Kimi


I've been feeling very nostalgic this weekend as I took photos of two older dolls. First is Kimi, an early version of Souldoll's MSD.

MSD Souldoll
She was my second BJD and first MSD sized one.

Kimi came to live with me in May 2007 and has had quite a variety of wigs over time.

Parsley Pixie
Parsley Pixie was a Valentine's gift and a special edition called a White Chocolate Vampire by Orientdoll. She as three pairs of wings that attach with magnets, but don't work over some clothing.

I never could decide on a wig for Parsley. She and Kimi were and are still great friends. I made the outfits both are wearing.